A plumber who cares

Plumbers usually aren’t associated with much outside the occasional house call, but Wooten Plumbing in Sapulpa is looking to change that.

“We’ve had this sign since we’ve opened up," said Brian Wooten, owner of Wooten Plumbing. He is talking about his old sign, 'The Plumber who Cares.' To some, it’s just a simple sign, maybe even some good advertising, but it goes a little deeper for Wooten.

“We mean it from the bottom of our hearts."

Wooten is a man who has been in the plumbing business since he was a kid. “I grew up in a plumbing shop," he said. "I just followed my dad right into it.” Now he is following his instincts to help those in need in Houston.

“We are familiar with flood damage and what it does to a home, so, we know where they’re coming from and we understand they're hurt.”

Several photos and video have been going viral on social media, but it was one photo that caught Wooten's attention. The photo of elderly folks in a flooded Houston nursing home was the breaking point for him. “Instead of just talking about it, let’s do something about it, that’s what got me going. I couldn’t just sit around and not do anything.”

So, he started a fundraiser through his company. He calls it the ‘$7 000 in 7 days’ campaign. He put up the first USD1 000 and is asking the community to help. “If you can give USD10, that really helps," Wooten said. "Whatever you can give.”

All the money raised goes straight to the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund led by Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner. “I feel like if we were in the same position, we would get help from Texas," said Wooten.

While he may be a small business, he is doing big things that bring that old sign to life.

“I can't do it all, but when we go together," said Wooten. "It’s amazing how much help we can give.”


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