Namibia – a desert country?

Namibia – a desert country?

By Andrew Camphausen

I recently travelled to Namibia for business purposes. While coming in to land at Windhoek’s airport, I noticed that the land had a shadow of green tinge to it.

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Are we dammed?

Are we dammed?

By Andrew (Andy) Camphausen

South Africa is in desperate need for water in all industries, particularly in some parts of the country. The Western and Eastern Cape immediately come to mind. The last time I heard, the Western Cape only had 120 days left for water consumption.

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Investing in water

By Andrew (Andy) Camphausen

According to Forbes, water scarcity is a global theme that combines demographics and climate change. There is no substitute for water. As the world’s population continues to grow and becomes wealthier, demand for water is rising fast.

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Rotting from the outside in

By Andrew (‘Andy’) Camphausen

While driving from one place to another due to the nature of my profession, I have started noticing the putrid smell of rotting and rotten water on the outskirts of many towns and cities.

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