HPVB’s and water spray

By: Dale Simon, Plumber

The culture of professional preventive maintenance within the old Joburg city council inspired me and I count myself very fortunate to have had such a professional no-nonsense approach to so many aspects of plumbing maintenance, during my first years within the trade.

Repairs came first and you were expected to access, report and carry out your repair properly, or boy was your life made miserable….!

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An African first – 3m diameter dismantling joint

A significant pipeline in southern Africa that is currently under construction is expected to accommodate the region’s growth water demand projected for 2030

As part of the construction of the more than 8km, 3,5m diameter pipeline, a number of innovative technologies have been required for what is said to be sub-Saharan Africa’s largest water pipeline. One of these was the design, manufacturing, and testing of a 3m dismantling joint.

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