A vision for heating and cooling priorities

By European Partnership for Energy and the Environment

The European Commission’s ‘Heating and Cooling Strategy’ was published in February 2016, strongly supporting the ‘energy efficiency first’ principle which is essential to achieve the EU’s energy and climate goals. What can we learn from them?


Saving water with cooling towers (Part 2)

By Frank Morrison*

Part 2 of this ASHRAE technical feature continues to explore how it is possible to save water with cooling towers.


SAIRAC learns about beating leaks

The June SAIRAC technical meeting centred on Andel’s Floodline Leak Detection system, now available in South Africa.


Specific speed and pump selection

By Steve Wilson*

The term ‘specific speed’ is much misunderstood in the pump industry, yet terms that arise from specific speed discussions are used without full knowledge of the implications.



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