Makro’s ice storage systems: An insider’s look

By: R Savvides and E du Preez of AIR Group Consulting Engineers



When Makro wanted to improve on all previous store designs in terms of quality, energy efficiency and costs, the ACS team rose to the challenge with an impressive ice storage system

 Makro, part of the Masstores/Walmart group, have embarked on an exciting journey to open as many stores in South Africa in as short a time as possible. They have high expectations when it comes to quality, performance, efficiency, and low water and energy usage for their stores.

ACS Consulting Engineers, part of the A.I.R. Group Consulting Engineers, were approached and appointed by Makro and its developers late in 2010 to design the HVAC as well as the plumbing and drainage (P&D) systems for two new stores – one in Polokwane and one in Nelspruit.

Earthworks for both stores had already started and the HVAC and P&D designs and tenders had to be complete before the builders break in 2010. The rush was on to achieve this tight schedule with ACS staff working late into December 2010 to complete the task. The complexity of the designs made matters worse but we can happily boast that we achieved the intended dates.

A thorough and meticulous design approach was undertaken for both services, with close and continuous involvement of the Makro director of operations until the best designs were reached and accepted.

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