The secret of success in fruit export

By: Brian Bekker of Quantum Business Africa

The largest inland Steri-Cold refrigeration plant in South Africa was recently constructed by Coolmac for the GOGO Fruit farming co-operative.

Farmers and co-operatives focused on lucrative export markets must comply with local and international protocols if their fruit is to be accepted in foreign markets. Those located in the Loskop Valley just received a helping hand from GOGO Fruit and Coolmac.

This new the facility can put 600 pallets of citrus through the cold sterilisation process every 96 hours while storing an additional 1 250 pallets. It can also satisfy the protocols for table grapes, bananas, avocado and other fruit produced in the region.

GOGO Fruit is a visionary cooperative formed and funded by five shareholder clients: EL Sundew Farming, JJ Gouws Farming, JFK Botha, Neels Kok and Tian Kruger. They all got together some years ago and this new facility is just the latest in a number of projects aimed at assisting themselves, along with other farmers in the district, to satisfy the strict export protocols that are mandatory to international markets – particularly those in the Far East.

Three years ago Coolmac delivered for GOGO Fruit (at a different location on the farms) a facility comprising two 880-bin de-greening rooms, one 480-pallet holding room and two 102-pallet forced cooling rooms.

These projects are all intended to meet ever-growing demand from export fruit producers in Limpopo’s Loskop Valley area. Importantly, the latest facility has been designed from the ground up to focus on satisfying the international protocols for cold sterilisation.

Read more about this project in Cold Chain September/October 2014 Vol 28 No 4 page 13.


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